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Technology and services for TV Networks, Events, Exhibitions and shareholder voting.


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Instant polls

Send instant polls out to your viewers/audience on their devices and get instant feedback within a set time-limit from 5 to 60 seconds..

Running polls

Send running polls out to your viewers/audience before a TV show or performance as a warm-up and get early statistics.

Results on TV

Show live polling results live on TV. We feed results from our backend to what ever format suits the needs of the TV Network.

Interaction with audience

Get more in touch with your viewers or audience so that they will feel heard and improve the popularity.


This is an ideal way to brand your TV show or live event. Hook up on the existing setup or get a white label solution.


Get a better sense of the people watching your show. When they participate you get valuable statistics about their age, gender and place of residence.

Good examples of use

Watch this video and learn about the second screen possibilities for broadcast TV.

The concept of the platform

Watch this video and you will have great insight on the broad possibilities with the platform.

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