Key Features

A sample on what to expect

Constant evolution

It’s hard to keep this up to date. We constantly evolve and add features but we will do our best to show what you get, when you sign up with Wallbreaker Dynamics.

Instant polls

Send polls out to your audience and get instant feedback

Running poll

Warm up your audience before a TV show or event. Running polls engages the audience and valuable data can be received beforehand.


This is an ideal way to brand your TV show or live event. Hook up on the existing setup or get a white label

Results on TV

Show live polling results live on TV. We feed results from our backend to what ever format suits the needs of the TV Network

Big screen

Show questions and results on a big screen in a public space

Easy and fast

We have done our best to make this system easy and fast. The learning curve is set to be low.

Data analytics

Get demographic data to see the audience spread.


Multiple users can use the backend simultaneously. Ease the workflow and send out polls faster to the audience


Customized graphics can be displayed on big screen or on TV broadcast.


Your audience can challenge friends and family and see how they do (TBA)

Revenue streams

Add more revenue streams to your business using our WBD-Sponsor Solution (TBA)

Social media

Full social media integration (TBA)

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