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Wallbreaker platform

Wallbreaker – our main product bind all our services togther. It’s a unique and logical platform and we have done the utmost to make it easy to use and fast at the same time.

Create instant content for your audience and track the progress on polls, quizzes and other content. The delivery will happen seamlessly and can be shared on screen – being through TV or a public big screen.

(International patent pending)

Pollmaker Suite

The Pollmaker suite is a new and compelling tool for creating powerful polls, that can be delivered instantly to your audience. Have complete control in the polling process and result handling and push content directly to smartphones and tablets. Within seconds, results will be coming in from your audience using either a smartphone or a tablet.

Freedom and flexibility is the key factors in the groundbreaking Pollmaspp ker which makes it perfect for both live TV and polling in public spaces.

Currently Pollmaker supports four poll types; Yes/No, multiple choice, ranking and rating. Results will be processed and can be delivered in various ways, including barcharts, piecharts, value meters and ranking lists. Want to go deeper? We also deliver demographic data based on residence location, age and gender.

Poll questions and results can be displayed during a live show or a prerecorded show so the audience can view it from the comfort of their home or on a big screen in a public space.

(International patent pending)


This is the app for the audience!!!

Give your audience the ability to interact with your show or event and we guarantee an enthusiastic and happy audience. Available on iTunes and in Google Play Store.

(International patent pending)

Mediamaker Suite

Mediamaker will soon be available in the Wallbreaker platform. Receive and manage live video streaming from an updated version of the Pollbreaker app. The app allows you to manage and broadcast live stream from your audience.

Mediamaker is ideal for news programmes, gameshows, talkshows and live events where the audience can participate in the creation of the experience.

(International patent pending)

Gamemaker Suite

Gamemaker will soon be available in the Wallbreaker platform. Create and manage games and show them on TV or big screens in public spaces. Your audience can play games using the Pollbreaker app.

More info soon

(International patent pending)

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